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Product Marketing & Marketing Strategy for
Fast Growing Companies

Josh Mendelsohn

Mendel Marketing



I work with business leaders to crystalize and communicate the value of their products, successfully bring them to market through demand generation and product led growth strategies, and enable the entire team to sell more successfully.


Meeting room

Clearly defining what makes your product or service great, who it is for, and the value customers should expect is the key to unlocking your go-to-market strategies and empowering your team to talk about what you offer in a consistent and compelling way.

Whether you are just getting started, entering a new market, or ready to scale, I can put you in the best position to succeed.

How I can help

Evelyn Hartz, Entrepreneur

Josh was my manager at Privy and Salsify, and is a phenomenal coach, mentor -- the type of person you follow places. My favorite thing about Josh is that he's not afraid to roll up his sleeves and do the work. He leads by example; has a natural knack for working cross-functionally; and is willing to put his ego aside to let his employees shine. Privy 10X'ed during his tenure, and that's no accident. 

Peter Hughes, Marketing Leader

Josh is a marketing expert with deep understanding of the various cycles a consumer goes through to reach the point of decision. Central to everything Josh does is passion and belief - it's these traits that see Josh be one of the most powerful and persuasive marketing executives whom I have worked with. 

Marketing is Everywhere Podcast

I host a podcast called Marketing is Everywhere!

You’re probably thinking "great, another marketing podcast" and rolling your eyes.  But this one is a little bit different. 

I won’t be talking about the big brands and tech darlings you’re used to.  I’ll be featuring great marketing that I run across in my day to day life, often that isn’t even done by marketers, and talk a little bit about what we as marketers can learn from it. 


Forget Apple, Nike, Slack, and Geico.  I’m talking about Elite Freestyle Karate, Allagash Brewing, Running Brook Camps, the band Cowboy Mouth and many more. 


Always in 10 minutes or less. 

In the Media

I've written and been quoted as a marketing leader across a wide array of publications, blogs and video series. 


Check out a few examples:

If you’d like to chat, get in touch today.

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